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Bucket List

1. Swim with dolphins
2. Buy some Faber-Castell pencils or Prismacolour pencils
3. Have my nose pierced
4. Meet a celebrity
5. Go to the Maldives
6. Keep a diary
7. Write a book and publish it
8. Get my dream car (a Fiat 500)
9. Become an organ donor
10. Dye my hair
11. Go for a shopping spree
12. Get 10,000 blog views
13. Do a sponsored walk for charity

14. Get a follow on Twitter from a 1D member
15. Get 1D to know I exist!
16. Live in Dubai
17. Have a walk in wardrobe
18. Start my own charity
19. Get a tattoo
20. Make a difference to someone's life
21. Go to Scotland
22. Have a house with a pool
23. Get on TV
24. Hold a spider
25. Buy a MacBook
26. Cut my hair really short - or grow it really long
27. Have my dream room
28. Dance in the rain
29. Get married
30. Have a fan page
31. Meet One Direction
32. Learn an instrument
33. Meet Dynamo
34. Go on a reality TV show
35. Go to the X Factor live shows
36. Go sky-diving
37. Watch a fashion show
38. Learn how to walk in heels
39. Stop in the Burj Al Arab in Dubai for the night
40. Get a tattoo of a cross
41. Read the whole of the Bible

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